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Anonymous asked:

Attachment parenting will spoil your kid



Okay this is going to be a little lengthy because this thought process disturbs me.
Babies can’t talk, ya know? They cry to communicate. When they cry at night, they are communicating to you that something is wrong. Ignoring that just so YOU can sleep/relax is selfish. Just because it is nighttime does not mean that your duty as a parent has ended. They do not obtain the mental capacity to understand why you are not responding to their cries, which also means they do not obtain the mental capacity to cry “for attention”. And even if they do just want attention, so what? We are their parents, we should be giving them our undivided attention.
Spoiling your child would be giving him an iPhone or a MacBook for their 4th birthday, and fulfilling every one of their materialistic desires. Giving your child constant love and attention is not spoiling them, it’s doing what you’re supposed to do.

I wish I could share this with everyone in the world.

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